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The 5 "C" Series - Part 5 of 5: Making Optimal Care and Support Happen

Congratulations! You have reached the last step of the staircase; ensuring that Care and Support is Optimal by delivering competent services from consciously aware support providers.

Peter Marks emphasizes the importance of

“…being here now, in whatever situation (CATCH), staying relatively CALM, being decisive about what to do and say as a result of CLARIFYNG AND CHOOSING, and intentionally caring about the person being supported (CONSCIOUSLY CONNECTING) while being useful, truthful, kindly and timely in what you say and do, all add up to your ability to provide consistently optimal care to the people whom you support”.

Care and support will be optimal when the first four steps are followed. You will find yourself automatically responding with consciousness, confidence and competence and as you go through your day, whether facing a difficult situation or savouring a sweet moment. We started this “5C Series” by identifying the importance of keeping spirits up in spite of the current Pandemic turning life upside down.

Continue to use these steps developed by the Centre for Conscious Care to keep yourself steady through all life’s ups and downs the same way a ship’s rudder, held firmly in place, guides a ship through the waves of a storm.

As a service provider, a parent, or friend, you want to put your best foot forward and bring your ‘A-Game’ to every interaction. Learning and becoming competent in skills that allow your interactions to be professional, organized and polite is one half of the equation. But as you know, no matter what your level of education and training, it is your mindset what makes the difference when you are interacting with others. It is developing the practise of mindfulness that keeps you in the moment, right here, right now, and allows you to face life’s challenges rather than being distracted with the busyness of life.

Remember the importance of finding the balance between having competent skills and the critical need to be in touch and fully conscious of your inner condition and state of mind.

The more you practise these steps, the quicker and easier you will be able to respond rather than react and be that rudder that holds your ship steady through these stormy times.

Through Catching, Calming, Clarifying & Choosing, Consciously Connecting, and you are now able to provide Care and Support that is Optimal.

Everyone is grateful; everyone benefits!


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