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The 5 C’s Series - Part 1 of 5: Catching your thoughts, reactions and behaviours

Too much, too much!

Despite Covid-19, CLKD plans to provide ongoing quality support and service for all people in our community. It isn’t quite business as usual, but we are dedicated to keeping spirits up and getting through this together.

By now we now know how to wash our hands, sneeze in our elbow and stay 6 feet away from…..well everyone! So what else can we do without driving ourselves and each other over the edge? Artists, musicians, and museums are posting their talents and resources online and CLKD would like to share what we have been learning, practising and teaching over the past year or so too.

Peter Marks, from A Centre for Conscious Care has provided CLKD staff and parents with tools and practises to keep ourselves calm in the midst of crisis and chaos….and these practices couldn’t have been more timely!

We learned about a handy formula called the 5 C’s.

The first step in the 5 C’s is to Catch ourselves….our thoughts, our words, our attitudes and behaviours. Notice what is going on in our very own head…remember, inside voice; little ears might be around. But truly, pay attention to that chatter in our own head and notice; CATCH that thought.

Noticing, or “catching”, your own thought will start you on the path to reducing or eliminating worry and anxiety. It sounds cliché, but once you can notice your thoughts, you can begin working at finding your Calm (which is the second C).

This short Happify YouTube video “Why Mindfulness is a Super Power” demonstrates what we just talked about… Recognize yourself?

Over the next week or so, work at Catching yourself and when your do, take a deep breath in, exhale and release your tension. Then check back for part 2, of our 5 C’s series, “Finding Calm".

For additional resources visit The Centre for Conscious Care has a number of mindfulness guided practise sessions that can be found here: . Meditation and Mindfulness sound like a lot of work and frankly, some people just are not interested, but for those who are, this is a great resource.


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