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April is Autism Awareness Month

April is Autism Awareness Month with World Autism Day recognized on April 2nd. 

Autism exists on a spectrum, meaning people with Autism will have a varying degree of support needs.  A quick internet search will reveal that some of the world's most famous musicians, scientists and entertainers, are/were on the spectrum including Albert Einstein, Tim Burton, Temple Grandin and many, many more!

Autism Ontario has a great number of resources to help explain what Autism is, and what it isn't. "Being autistic (neurodiverse) means that your brain may process information differently than non-autistic, or neurotypical, people." (

The ways in which World Autism Day and Autism Awareness Month is recognized are diverse, as are the opinions of those on the spectrum about the symbols. You may see puzzle pieces, the infinity sign, or the colour blue being used to help create awareness. 

This month, we encourage you to #celebratethespecrtum by getting to know someone with Autism, doing some research of your own, and practicing the inclusion and understanding of people with different abilities.  


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