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Simple Exercises to Promote Calm

Rein in your Rage.

Looking for ways to tame that raging tiger? Try BB-ABC….BB…whaaattt you ask? Let’s keep it simple – exercises that help calm us down.

It may sound silly, but honestly, they will help if you make the effort and commitment to practicing. If you don’t make the effort, things will stay the same – you decide.

So what do you do next? Get Started!

It’s really important to remember all of the calming down exercises need to be practiced every day at a time when you are ALREADY calm and relaxed. It is not time to learn something new in the heat of the battle!

If you practice something for long enough, it will turn into a habit (something you do automatically without thinking about it). Then, when you are upset, you will be able to automatically do what you have practiced and use it when you need it the most.

It would be a good idea to start doing 1 or both of these exercises as soon as you get up in the morning and before you go to bed at night. Research has shown that it only takes 8 weeks (or 66 days) of practicing something before it starts to become a habit.

Exercises for Self-Calming:

Mindful Movement and Awareness-Based Calming

Raise your arms to the count of four, when your arms feel heavy slowly breath out to the count of eight. Repeat this five times. Then do it another five time but tighten your fists when you are raising your arms and relax your hands on the way down.

The Butterfly Hug can be done discreetly, while IMpatiently waiting in the checkout line at the grocery store. Cross your arms and start patting first the right and then the left which actually activates the brain. Count 1,000 and say HERE; count 2,000 and say HERE up to 10,000 and start over. Watch a demonstration by clicking here.

Saying “HERE” is important because it is a reminder to be fully present, in this monement….in the checkout line…not in your head fuming at the wait. It is also important not to talk. Silently use your thought and intentionally call yourself to be calm. This is ‘the intent’ part of the exercise. Talk yourself down… catch and calm. It may sound ridiculous, but hey, ridiculous is better for everyone and a much better alternative to you being on the edge of blowing up all the time.

Calm begets calm; demanding never works, it just gets everyone else ramped up. Do everyone a favour – “1,000 HERE; 2,000 HERE;……”


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