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October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month

National Disability Employment Awareness Month, held in October, was established to increase awareness of the positive outcomes of hiring persons with disabilities in Canada. This October, employers are encouraged to take part in a nationwide campaign that highlights the positive contributions that employees with disabilities make to Canadian workplaces.

Labour Shortage Solutions

Are you an employer who is seeking talented individuals to join your team? Are you experiencing labour shortages and looking to find solutions? JobsWork may be able to help!

Individuals living with disabilities are an underemployed untapped resource that you can benefit from starting today.

JobsWork works continuously with individuals with disabilities in our community who are seeking employment opportunities. JobsWork provides local employers with Job Placement, Job Coaching and Staff Retention services. Call or email today to find out more about how JobsWork can help you fill your staffing needs! Aimee Kim Job Developer 519-396-9434 ext. 223


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