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A Focus On Youth Employment

Josh and Madison are pictured here exploring the fine art of doughnut decorating at Tim Hortons.

It is well known in JobsWork that youth employment supports are essential to successful employment later in life. Over the course of the summer, JobsWork ran the Jobs Discovery program, a series of employment based educational workshops every Tuesday afternoon that were attended by employment minded youth. Topics ranged from “Is Employment for you?” to “Customer Service 101” to “Resume Building”. The summer included trips to 6 local businesses for tours and job demonstrations. Youth attending the workshops where able to discover their skills and interests, think about volunteer opportunities that might work for them, learn all about workplace etiquette and come up with some employment goals that they can work on for the next year.

JobsWork looks forward to engaging with them all again when the time comes to go job hunting! A special thanks to Bruce Power for their support with the Jobs Discovery youth program.

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