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It Was Never About the Paycheck - Meaghan's Story

In fact, you may have seen some of Meaghan’s beautiful artwork in the windows of Sleepers Bed Gallery from time to time. Meaghan has taught herself how to do so many different things that it is hard to keep track! She paints, makes bracelets, crochets and dabbles in many other crafting projects. But what really stood out, when she was wanting to go to work, was her ability to sew and her attention to detail.

She turned out to be exactly the employee they were looking for at Presto Crest and in the fall of 2018, she took on the job with an ease of someone who had been there their whole life.

Meaghan works on Special Projects, and in January 2019, when the project she was working on was complete, she was temporarily laid off. COVID-19 further delayed her return to work and her parents reported that Meaghan was so unhappy to be off that she would ask them almost daily when she would be going back. 

When she received the call to go back to work in August 2020, to say that she was ecstatic would be an understatement. Meaghan whooped for joy and repeatedly told JobsWork that she was so happy to go back to work, that she enjoys work so much and was missing it greatly.

Even when other activities might be available to her, Meaghan always chooses work first. And though she cannot always express how she feels in so many words, the smile on her face really does say it all. 

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