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It’s all about the Match!

We learned many things about Meaghan during our Discovery Process. She is an artist with tremendous creativity and a unique style of her own. She is talented at working with dozens of different mediums, but the skill that stood out for employment was her ability to sew.

JobsWork learned Presto Crest was looking for employees to work in their sewing department and felt that Meaghan was a natural match for this position.

Presto Crest was definitely on board with hiring her and with the support of JobsWork coaches she was able to start working there part-time in November 2018.

Since starting, Meaghan has shown that not only can she sew, she can produce! She has proven that she can pick up more and more complicated patterns with ease and her coworkers have noted that she does a better job than some of them!

“I enjoy sewing. I have learned how to do a lot of different things at work since I started working here.” – Meaghan Carter, Employee

Meaghan has fit perfectly into the workplace culture. Meaghan’s co-workers have commented that her presence has lightened the work atmosphere and they all enjoy her playful banter and stories. Everyone is ready to step in to help her out when she needs it, to chat about her passions and to join in when she wants to go out for a sushi fix for lunch!


“Meaghan makes us laugh. She has been a good addition to our workplace. She has made the workplace atmosphere better.” – Andrew Burrows, Employee


“Meaghan has fit right in…She is always eager to try different thing and does an excellent job no matter what sewing job she is asked to do. Last week we were in a real bind and Meaghan just stepped in to help out and really saved us as we had a deadline to reach.” – Linda McCullough, Shipping and Receiving


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