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Together We're Better Contest

Every year, Community Living Ontario invites elementary students and classes (k-8) from across Ontario to share why school is better when everyone is learning together. The goal is to promote inclusive education and encourage all students to embrace the diversity of their classroom. Winning prizes include gift cards to Best Buy to purchase classroom resources.

There are two ways to participate:

  • Class videos: Create a class video (5 mins or less)

  • Individual entries: Write a story or poem (250 words or less)

Each entry should answer how your class includes students with disabilities and why it is better when everyone is learning together! To learn more about the contest, find out how to submit your entries and view the winning entries from last year, visit the Community Living Ontario website: Don’t forget to share your entries with CLKD as well!

We would love to share your videos and stories about inclusive education on our social media channels and in our newsletter.

Connect with the Family Support team at CLKD if you need help or have questions about participating in this contest. Julie - and Beth -


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