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Locks of Love Donations

Author: Kathy Soloduka

When I found out that I was going to lose my hair during Chemotherapy I decided that I really wanted to donate my hair to other people who needed a wig. I had the length of hair needed for it.

At Owen Sound Hospital they gave me a wig for free at the Cancer center. They took me to go pick one out, they had lots of really short blond ones – but that’s not really my color! I did get one that is more brown with highlights in it, it is nice. I bought some nice clips and accessories to put in it.

The girls at the Hair Connection were really nice and gave me a nice short haircut and donated my hair for me at no charge! They fixed up my wig for me too.

When I started to lose my hair it really freaked me out – it was coming out so fast, I was really glad that I already had the wig and it was ready to wear. I also have a cute hat for when it is to warm out to wear the wig. The hats are also really good to wear under my riding helmet, my sister-in-law crocheted 2 hats for me. They are pretty.

I’m going through a lot, but it is good to know my head is taken care of and I like that I was able to give my hair to someone else who might be going through a lot, and I was also really happy to hear that one of my support workers, Leisa, also donated her hair to locks of love and we got a nice picture. We both look like super models.

I was glad that they took my Driver license photo when my hair had a cute style that Hair Connections gave me.


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