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Kincardine Women's Triathlon

2019 brought another full race as athletes gathered at Station Beach for the annual Kincardine Women's Triathlon.

Although a warm day, the chilly lake temperatures cancelled the swim adding an additional run to make this year’s race a duathalon. Jackie McDonald trained for the swim but upon cancellation stepped up to run the first and last lags for her team. Catherine Benjamin, Brooke Thomas, Rosie Laidler and Bethany Collins also ran in the race and Jessica Belyea and Jennifer McCullough battled the Huron Terrace hill by bike. “I had a great time at the triathlon. On my team, I did the bike part. Going up the big hill was so hard, but down was easy. My favourite part was hearing the crowd cheering for me when I went by. Hopefully I can participate again next year” said Jennifer. Athlete Rosie Laidler, known in the community for her successes in figure skating, said “I ran the whole 6 km and it felt really great to hear everyone cheering me on and it gave me motivation to keep going. It was my first time participating in the triathlon and it made me happy to be part of it. I was so proud of myself. I think I should maybe try longer distance running [in the future].” Susan Kirk volunteered to cheer on racers at check points throughout the route to keep the athletes motivated to finish the race. Cassandra Ritchie, a year after year volunteer at the event, handed out medals and congratulated participants on completing the race.


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