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From Candy Crush to Crushin’ It!

Before the pandemic I needed to ask for help with my ipad and phone a lot. I really only used it to play candy crush – which I am really really good at. During the lockdowns I found I had more time to use my ipad and phone and try out new things. I started using my ipad to connect with my friends through the CPS programs, and now I can use the annotation tool in zoom for games night, I can help my roommates get on a chat, and send them links. Everyone asks me for hockey and baseball scores; mostly the Leafs and Blue Jays. I let everyone know when games are coming up and what teams are playing. I have also been finding recipes for us to make at home as well as using Pinterest and Facebook to find craft ideas for the CPS team. I send the CPS team links as well as pictures and videos I take around town through Facebook so they can be screen shared with everyone at the next meet. I use Facebook to keep in touch with family and friends and to see what’s going on around town. My friends come to me for ideas about what chargers I love or for help with their tablets or phones. I’m also really good at reminding them to plug in their stuff so that they don’t run out of power in the middle of something they’re doing. My TV is also really cool. I can work it just by talking to the remote. My dad and I have the same package so that he can help me find shows I like or tell me what channel to check out. Most recently I’ve learning to air drop and do screen captures. I also use YouTube to watch videos and learn new things to try in my knitting. Right now, I’m working on making a group of people on Facebook that all like to play Candy Crush. Kinda crazy what can change in a couple years – now I love technology!!

- Alyssa McPherson


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