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Empowering Kids in the Kitchen!

Kala Stuckless believes everyone deserves to feel comfortable in the kitchen and learn the skills they need to make nutritious food. 

This passion and her own personal love of cooking inspired her to completely change her career in 2019 and enroll in Culinary Nutrition training. She recently launched Stuckless Healing Co and is already getting rave reviews from participants like Pippa, who had a blast at Kala’s Empowering Kids in the Kitchen program.   

The Level 1 classes run for 4 weeks and teach children, aged 7-12, the basics of kitchen safety, preparing and enjoying different foods.  Each participant gets to keep the weekly recipe handouts as well as some take-home assignments called Kitchen Conversations to spur further learning.  

From the outset, Kala was committed to creating a safe, easy-going class environment that was suitable for kids of all abilities and experience. The classes are offered in accessible community kitchens and she has various tools available that have bigger handles or, are easier to hold, to ensure everyone can participate. Kala even reached out to Community Living Kincardine & District and is using the All Kids Can Play workbook to continue learning and implementing inclusive practices.

In addition to the Empowering Kids in the Kitchen classes, which are offered in both Ripley and Kincardine, Kala has been hosting some special 1-day holiday baking classes and booking birthday parties.  She is in the midst of planning her spring schedule and will be releasing registration information towards the end of January. Eventually, she hopes to offer Level 2 classes for kids, as well as Teen, and Adult cooking programs. 

You can stay up to date on all her program offerings by subscribing to her newsletter or following her on Facebook  or Instagram.

“I am overwhelmed and so grateful for all the support I have received.  My highlight is seeing the kids' faces light up when they try using a kitchen tool they have never used before and how excited they get when they create the recipes I provide.”  – Kala


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