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Early Work Experience is the Path to Employment

Jessie started with JobsWork while she was still in high school, trying a couple of jobs doing janitorial tasks both before and after school, and really enjoyed her experiences.

Jessie was able to determine that she was a really good cleaner. In the summer of 2017, she saw a job posting for McDonalds and approached JobsWork to let them know she wanted to work there more than anything!

JobsWork supported Jessie to apply for the job and showcase her skills at the interview. With all her cleaning experience, she was hired to work on their maintenance crew. She enjoyed the job so much the first thing she did after graduation was to let McDonalds know that she was available to work for them anytime and wanted more hours.

Everyone who works with her appreciates her enthusiasm for her work, her willingness to pitch in and help with any job. She has grown in her confidence and abilities along her journey and the result has been more shifts, more hours and a promotion from maintenance to working at the fryer to make the famous McDonalds fries.

Jessie enjoys all of the friendships she has fostered through work and loves being a part of the Team. 

Jessie is McLovin’ it and it shows!


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