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Benefits of Partnerships

Many people in Kincardine will know Stanley from his years of dedicated window washing at dozens of downtown businesses.

When JobsWork approached the Municipality of Kincardine about the possibility of partnering with us to on-board an employee at the Davidson Center they jumped at the chance to collaborate with us and hire someone on a contract basis.

Stanley’s skills and abilities proved to be the perfect match for the maintenance needs of the Davidson Center. The Municipality of Kincardine worked closely with JobsWork to ensure Stanley’s success.

His work ethic, energy and determination to do the job right were apparent from the start. He has proven to be the right fit for the job and his co-workers often comment about his level of meticulousness while performing his many duties there.

The Municipality values the contributions that Stanley brings to the team and the Davidson Center staff and patrons alike appreciate him.   

When asked how things are going at work, Stanley will always say that it is ‘good’ while he shows you his latest amazon purchase!

When a person’s skills match the job they are hired to do, everyone involved will benefit.


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