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Adult Community Participation Support (CPS) – Purchase of Service

Our CPS team works with individuals 18+ to participate in community-based events and activities, such as: recreational activities, volunteering opportunities, skills development, and social activities. Staff provide supports based on an individual’s needs and interests. Click here to learn more about CPS. 


Services can be purchased for either 1:1 support or Group Support as follows:

  • 1:1 Support – This support is available to individuals who require (or choose) to have a 1:1 support staff to participate in community-based activities of their choosing, based on their unique interests and support needs.

  • Group Support – This service option enables an individual who does not require 1:1 support to participate in community-based group activities, supported by CLKD Community Support Workers, to facilitate successful participation for all.

Please call us for more information and about these services.


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