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Technology, Alternative or Augmentative Communication Tools

Assistive devices, services and apps can increase or improve the independence and capabilities of an individual with a disability. These tools can help individuals to learn a new skill or capitalize on their strengths and bypass the more challenging parts of a task. The best supports are those that enable an individual to learn and live as independently as possible.

Built-in Assistive Technology

It’s not always necessary to purchase a dedicated assistive device or item – many cell phones, tablets and computers have extensive built-in technology. Check out your device’s manual to learn about settings, programs and features such as talk-to-text, text to speech, captions, magnification and voice amplification.

Proloque2Go is a popular Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) app that can help individuals with daily communication. It features natural-sounding voice and speech which can be generated by tapping buttons with symbols or typing words. There is also a version called Proloquo Coach for parents interested in learning how to use AAC to communicate and connect with their child.

TD Snaps

TD Snaps is another AAC app that is accessible via touch, eye gaze or switch-enabled pages. Users can select from buttons featuring text or symbols. Symbol editing settings allow users to choose between a large range of skin tones, hair colour and more. The app also includes a set of behavioural supports, such as visual schedules, timers and scripts.


Dragon, formerly Dragon Naturally Speaking, is an extremely robust software that enables individuals to create and edit documents, send emails or surf the web using their voice. Its high level of accuracy and ability to transcribe up to 160 words a minute makes it a suitable program for professional use.


This AI-assisted program has built-in speech-to-text, text-to-speech as well as real-time translation capabilities. The highly intelligent spelling, grammar, predictive text and vocabulary assist features can help individuals feel more confident in their writing.


Snap&Read is a complete toolkit to assist individuals with reading and organization. Various tools, such as colour masking and distraction removers can make it easier for individuals to stay focused. The ability to make notes, annotate PDFs, highlight text and draw on documents can help individuals take in information and stay organized.

Natural Reader

This powerful text-to-speech program allows you to upload text and documents to be read by a natural sounding voice. OCR Technology means that scanned documents or images can also be interpreted and read aloud. Lastly, users can convert documents into mp3`s to listen on-the-go and share with others.


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