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Pencils, Pastels and Paints – Oh My!

Another semester of art classes with Jessica Cormier is in the books. This semester found students wait listed due to its popularity!

Friends old and new have gathered on Wednesday mornings to create their very own masterpieces. Jessica’s classroom is always a place of warmth, laughter and inclusion. Every technique is taught in such a way that it can both challenge a person that has attended these classes before, and is simple enough to follow for the beginners among us.

This semester, artists have dabbled in painting with acrylics, sketching and working with pastels. Creating stunning sunsets, nearly edible avocados and two different approaches to elephants are just a few of the lessons Jessica guided us through.

Regardless of the technique or medium used, one thing is always at the forefront of the lesson – make it your own. In the same way that no two snowflakes are the same, no two pieces that leave the classroom are identical. It is a true wonder to watch the artists make something uniquely beautiful from an empty page and a pencil, or a blank canvas and a palette of paint.


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