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KDSS Fish Ambassador!

At KDSS, fish have been a part of student life for decades. Over the years, various school staff and students have taken the lead in caring for these aquatic pets. This year, Dylan has showed an interest in learning about the aquariums at school, and Ms. DeVuono and Ms. Connolly have taken it upon themselves to teach Dylan about the fish, naming him KDSS’s latest “Fish Tank Ambassador”.

Dylan shared that when his teachers told him they were getting new fish for the tank, they asked if he would like to help. He said, “I managed to take the fish out of a bucket with a net and put them in the tank when they first came. I even got to rearrange the fake reeds and pirate ship. I had to stick my arm in the tank to clean the rocks”. Dylan will also be learning how to test PH levels of the tank with Ms. Connolly, and graphing this information to ensure the water levels remain optimal for fish survival.

Dylan also shared some of the things he enjoys about being the Fish Tank Ambassador: “I get to turn on the blue glow light that makes the glow barbs shine! They are really cool fish that glow in the dark and chase each other. I got to name a few fish; like the black and white angel fish – they are so cool; they can swim backwards!”

With the support of his teachers, Dylan has created some wall information cards, including each fish’s name. His teachers shared that Dylan has been initiating conversations with his peers more regularly, and has really expressed excitement when sharing his knowledge about the fish. He is currently working on “Friday Fish Tank Updates” as a weekly writing experience that the school hopes he will eventually read over the morning announcements.

When reflecting on his experience with the fish, Dylan reported that he has found the experience very “entertaining”! He is grateful to Ms. Connolly for the opportunity, and quite proud of himself for being responsible for such an important piece of school culture at KDSS.


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