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Dreaming big for your child – the sky is the limit

Everyone has dreams – and everyone should have the opportunity to pursue those dreams to the very best of their ability. Sometimes fear or worry can make us hesitant about encouraging others to try something new, take a big risk, or live outside the box. The Family Support team has gathered some great stories to show the inspiring things that can happen when we raise our expectations and truly believe that anything is possible.


Chris Nikic is an IRONMAN!

Completing an Ironman race is a grueling task. Racers start with a 4km swim, which is 160 laps of the Davidson Centre pool. That’s followed by a 180km bike ride – the equivalent of riding from Kincardine to Barrie. Last but not least, a full 42km marathon. On November 7th, Chris Nikic crossed the finish line in Panama Beach and became an official Ironman – the first Ironman with Down Syndrome.


The Peanut Butter Falcon’s Ripple Effect in the Disability Community and in Hollywood The dreams and aspirations that people with disabilities have are not ‘special’ – they are universal. That’s what makes ‘The Peanut Butter Falcon’, a film centred on Zak, a character with Down syndrome – so impactful. Instead of focusing on his disability, the film is centred on his desire to follow his dream and gain independence – something that all young adults can all relate to.


Inaugural graduation for CICE program at Conestoga College This CBC news article from 2017 highlights the first 9 graduates from Conestoga College’s newly launched Community Integration through Cooperative Integration (CICE) program. College programs for students with developmental disabilities are now offered at more than 13 Ontario colleges, with programs such as Business Administration, Culinary Arts, Early Childhood Education, Construction, Graphic Design, Welding and more available for motivated learning of all abilities.


Don’t Go Easy on my Kid with a Disability A parent shares her personal ‘a-ha’ moment that caused her to start believing in her son and expect more of him.


Video Series: Employable Me TVO produced 3 seasons of this great documentary series, which also has Australian and British versions. Featuring job seekers from Toronto and Montreal, the series challenges the assumption that physical and developmental disabilities make people unemployable.

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