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Dealing with Bullying

When children head off to school, its common to worry about whether they will fit in, find friends or face bullies on the school yard. Bullying is an unfortunately common experience, particularly for children with disabilities. These resources are designed to help kids identify bullying behaviour while supporting parents and teachers to prevent, reduce or deal with instances of bullying.

Kids and Teens Against Bullying PACER Center has created two websites – one for kids and one for teens – to help combat bullying. There are quizzes, resources and information about different kinds of bullying – including cyber bullying. Kids and teens can learn how to advocate for themselves or their peers who may be the victim of bullies and decide when and how to get help when they need it.

Student Action Plan Against Bullying This downloadable worksheet allows kids to create their own personalized action plan to prevent and deal with bullying. “My Personal Plan to Take Action Against Bullying” allows targets, witnesses and even the person who bullies to think through potential responses and determine next steps in order to stop future bullying.

How to Heal from Bullying A teen with a disability wrote this anonymous post for the Yo! Disabled and Proud blog to help other teens heal from bullying. They share tips including listening to music, distancing yourself from the bully, saying positive affirmations to yourself and sharing your experience with a trusted adult.

Help Your Child Recognize the Signs of Bullying Talking to kids about bullying can be hard but this downloadable resource from the PACER Center lays out sample questions, gives definitions of different kinds of bullying and highlights how to respond effectively when children share that they are a victim of bullying.

Addressing Bullying in Youth with ASD Jonathan Weiss hosts this AutismOntario webinar that features tips for supporting youth who are experiencing bullying. Effective interventions require knowledge and a team approach and this workshop discusses what children can do, what adults can do and how to help everyone feel safer and better able to cope with challenges such as bullying and social isolation.

Bullying Canada When families feel they have exhausted all options trying to stop a bully, they may be interested in reaching out to Bullying Canada. This national organization is uniquely dedicated to resolving bullying situations for Canadian youth by facilitating communication between bullied kids, their bullies, parents, teachers, school boards, social services and when necessary, police. There is also the option to speak with trained volunteers by phone, text or email to get advise on dealing with bullying.

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