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Fish Hatchery Kincardine

After a summer of rain and more rain, we were so grateful for the Kincardine Fish Hatchery opening its doors to us! We were able to work for volunteer hours and had a blast at the same time.

Some of the jobs we did included picking dead fish from the tanks (gross, but so fun!), recording numbers, cleaning tanks, and more! This allowed the youth to brainstorm in several ways, such as deciding which tools would work best to grab the deceased fish from the tank of thousands of living ones! It was a great opportunity to learn about fish, the process, and general information we did

not know beforehand. For a job that would have taken the organizer half an hour, they stayed for hours with us, smiling ear to ear the entire time.

Once all of the chores were done, our leader at the hatchery, Jennifer, showed us around the Kincardine harbour, gave us a tour of the fishing derby headquarters, taught us so much about fish, and even let us catch some in a net (we held them, too!) The youth loved this experience,

“I want to come here every week!” One youth stated with excitement.

We cannot thank the Kincardine Fish Hatchery enough for their kindness and generosity toward our Youth Connections program this summer; it has truly been our pleasure.

The Kincardine Fish Hatchery is run entirely by volunteers and donations. They are always willing to taking more volunteers as it takes many to keep such a phenomenal organization running!

There are also volunteer spaces available for youth and children. If you or someone you know is interested in volunteering or making a donation to this wonderful organization, contact the hatchery at 519-396-5833 or email them at


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