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Becoming Your Own Best Advocate

The COVID-19 pandemic has stretched parents and caregivers to their limits. It has been a hard year – but we hope that parents and caregivers can take a moment to reflect and feel incredibly proud of themselves. Being an advocate, fiercely loving your child and doing the very best you can are worthy things to celebrate – we want you to know that we see you and we applaud your strength and commitment during an unprecedented time.


10 Things every Special Needs Family Needs to Hear While some days are better than others, even the greatest parents have bad days. With that in mind, Kid’s Gym put together a list of reminders to encourage caregivers when they are feeling down.


Thrive with your Family Video Series The C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital at the University of Michigan created this video series to provide emotional support to families during the COVID 19 pandemic. The panelist held candid conversations about parenting, child behaviour, mental health and relationships.


Raising Exceptional Families with Special Needs Children Lisa Pinhorn makes a compelling argument for exceptional self-care and compassion. In her eyes, self-care isn’t just something parents should try to make time for – she believes its absolutely critical for great parenting. Check out her ideas for making self-care a priority in your life, starting with the 10% rule.


How to Support a Parent of a child with Special Needs Friends, families and acquaintances often want to offer help but may not be sure what to say or do. This article gives some concrete examples of positive ways others can support you and help you to feel less alone.


Wellness and Self-Care Series Autism Ontario hosted this webinar for Parents and Caregivers of people on the Autism Spectrum. It looks at ways parents can shift expectations of themselves as well as providing practical strategies to incorporate mindfulness into busy and sometimes unpredictable days.

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